Samsung Charger EP-TA13IWEUGIN (10W) Micro USB

  • Wall Charger
  • Suitable For: Mobile
  • Universal Voltage
  • Output Current : 2 A
  • 6 Month warranty
  • Read Speed: 100 MB/s
  • UHS-1 Interface
  • Class 10

Description:- Wall Charger Suitable For: Mobile With USB Cable Universal Voltage.

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Sales Package
  • Travel Adapter
  • NA
Model Number
  • Travel Adapter EP-TA13IWEUGIN
Model Name
  • Travel Adaptor (10W)
Output Interface
  • Micro USB
  • No
  • NA
Battery Type
  • LI-ION
Number Of Devices/Batteries Charged
  • 1
Designed For
  • mi fast charger, multi charger, lenovo charger, dash charger, charger, samsung mobile charger, asus charger, fast charger 3.0, samsung original charger, nokia charger, erd mobile charger, vivo charger, mi charger, motorola charger, mi charging adapter, fast charger, moto charger, quick charge 3.0, redmi charger, qualcomm quick charger 3.0, flipkart charger, flipkart smartbuy, mivi charger, adaptor, fast charger for mobile, kado charger, redmi 3s prime charger, lenovo mobile charger, moto g4 plus turbo charger, vivo mobile charger, adapter, sony charger, redmi note 4 mobile charger, samsung charger, moto e3 power charger, motorola turbo charger, MI Note 4 mobile charger, mi mobile charger, moto turbo charger, mobile charger, redmi note 4 charger, apple charger, turbo charger
Number Of Charger Pins
  • 2
Cable Length
  • 1 m
Width x Height x Depth
  • 0 mm x 0 mm x 0 mm
  • 132 grams
Other Dimensions
  • NA
Other Features
  • NA
Cable Type
  • Detachable Cable Included

Power Features

Power Input
  • 10V - 2A
Power Source
  • USB
Power Requirement
  • 0
Charging Time
  • 5hr
Output Current
  • 2 A
  • 10 W
Other Power Features
  • NA


Covered in Warranty
  • Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Service Type
Not Covered in Warranty
  • Physical Damage
Warranty Summary
  • 0
International Warranty
  • 6 Month
Domestic Warranty
  • 6 Month

Brand Samsung
Model Name Travel Adaptor (10W)
Output Interface Micro USB
Power Input 10V - 2A
Output Current 2 A
Wattage 10 W

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